Privacy Policy

User Data Collected

In order to use the MagicFund app for Apple iOS, users must create an account with our payment processor, Stripe (

Upon creating a Stripe account, MagicFund retains the email address and phone number you provide, in addition to metadata provided to MagicFund by Stripe that allows MagicFund to send money to your bank account. MagicFund at no point ever possesses the actual data containing your name or bank account information.

In the ordinary use of the MagicFund app, users generate the following data, which is stored on MagicFund's servers:

The MagicFund app includes a Facebook 'Share' button that helps users to create posts on Facebook, but MagicFund at no point ever has access to any data of its users' Facebook accounts.

When using the MagicFund website (, users generate the following data, which is stored on MagicFund's servers (unless stated othewise):

Usage of User Data

MagicFund presents some data of some MagicFund users to other MagicFund users in the normal course of doing business and hosting a great commission-driven, donation-based crowdfunding platform. Specifically, data shared among MagicFund users is limited to the data connected to the crowdfunding campaigns hosted by MagicFund (and associated metadata for each campaign), and data connected to donations and commissions received by MagicFund users.

MagicFund does not intentionally or knowingly transmit any collected user data to any corporate 3rd party for any reason, with the sole exception of Stripe, in which case MagicFund only provides Stripe with user data necessary to collect donations and initiate payouts to users accordingly.


By using the MagicFund app, or by accessing its website (, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.

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