Crowdfunding Reimagined

Why MagicFund?

Many people have tried crowdfunding their own personal cause on other platforms, but soon find that sharing their campaign with only their friends and family isn't enough to get real exposure and receive all the donations they truly need during a difficult time in their life.

Other platforms are glad to prominently showcase successful donation campaigns on their front pages, but if you actually search through all of the campaigns listed on other sites, you will see that the vast majority of campaigns receive little to no donations, even though many causes may be just as worthy as the minority of well-funded, successful campaigns.

Sometimes it seems that only the well-connected, popular and already successful people, who already have a platform to promote themselves and their cause, are the only ones who are able to enjoy a successful crowdfunding campaign. This leaves the rest of us behind, even though our medical bills and family emergencies are just as important as those of the socially affluent, who tend to do all of the receiving on other crowdfunding platforms.

MagicFund solves this problem by encouraging others to share your campaign far and wide, so that you will receive your fair share of donations. Essentially, MagicFund intends to democratize the crowdfunding landscape, and imagines a world where donations are given to the most worthy causes, rather than only the privileged minority of those who are best able to promote themselves.

You have a worthy cause that requires support from your community, and there are many generous people out there who would be more than willing to support you, if they only were aware of your need! Your cause deserves equal attention regardless of who you know or your status in society.

MagicFund understands this and has built a platform that allows even the most marginalized and socially isolated people to speak with the same voice as the most prominent and prestigious members of our society. MagicFund was built with equality and social justice in mind, so that your success as a crowdfunding campaign organizer is based on the merit of your cause, rather than who you are as a person.

No one in need should have to struggle endlessly for the attention they deserve, while others with the same need are propped up as the privileged, "worthy" few that everyone should help. To fix this problem, you need support from your community not only in the form of donations, but you also need people in your community to be the champions of your cause, and get you the attention that you need!

MagicFund makes this happen by funding your champions with a percentage of donations made to your cause, and, thanks to the rules of economics, this monetary incentive to champion your cause creates a marketplace in which the most worthy and meritorious causes receive the most attention, and, therefore, funding!

Bringing those in need together with those who endeavor to champion the cause of the underserved truly is a win-win scenario for everyone. With MagicFund, it is easier than it's ever been to begin a crowdfunding campaign for your cause. And because MagicFund builds your audience for you through it's commission program, you can spend your time carefully crafting the message you want to share, and avoid the time-consuming process of building an audience of potential donors.

MagicFund is Crowdfunding Reimagined!

Easily Accept Donations

It takes just minutes to start a new fundraising campaign with the MagicFund app for iOS. Sign up with Facebook (or just your email address)! To receive your donations, you will need:

After you have signed up, use the app to simply record a video (up to 2 minutes in length) explaining your fund, and enter the amount you wish to receive, a title for your fund, and (optionally) an image to showcase your fund to potential donors. MagicFund takes care of the rest!

MagicFund will never charge your debit card or bank account for any reason. All applicable fees are deducted from the donations your campaign receives before your earnings are paid out.

Earn Commissions

MagicFund gives you unlimited earning potential through its commission program. Sign up with Facebook (or just your email address)! To receive your earnings, you will need:

To begin earning commissions, simply use the MagicFund app to find a campaign you want to share with your friends and followers, and select 'Share' to post the campaign to your social media profile. You will receive a 10% commission of any donations you generate!

To track your earnings, the MagicFund app generates a hyperlink that connects your user account to the campaign you choose to share on social media. You will be given a 10% commission of any donations that are made through the use of the hyperlink that you share.

Need Help?

Check out our Support page if you have any additional questions. The MagicFund Support Team is always ready to help!

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